Tuesday, 8 July 2014

It's The Little Things That Count

The proto-type for the Do-it-Yourself Valentine's Day Flower Set I made for Rae and Kev when they were in Afghanistan.

The Playing Card Chandelier I made for my brother's Casino Royale themed birthday - it actually lit up too

The Bon Voyage collage post card I made for my friend Quinn who is off to South Sudan with the UN in a few weeks

The set of wood block trophies I made for the Melbourne Cup Best Hat Competition at Ashlea's Hens Party

The 2013 edition of my Christmas Card, complete with self composed, religious-free poem.

Have you ever received a real letter from me? Maybe you are one of the lucky ones on my Christmas Card list?

Did you feel loved when you opened up that little envelope? I hope so.

I love to make things for people to make them feel good. It's my own self-declared super power. 

Being at my wits end politically, and knowing that not much I do or say impacts politicians, I have decided that I am going to use my super power to help refugees in detention instead. I spent a whole weekend making a postcard for a friend I met overseas last week and I reckon I can make some pretty kick ass postcards to keep those poor buggers sane while they go through hell - thanks to our government. 

These are the details if you want to do the same. 

Send the letter to:
Julian Burnside 
205 William St 
Melbourne, 3000 

Remember to enclose a self-addressed envelope and include 'Australia' as part of your address. 

Before you send
If you want to send your letter to Nauru, please place $1.85 in Australian stamps on the reply envelope (addressed to you). Nauru uses Australian stamps. 

If sending your letter to Manus Island, please include a $5 note in the reply envelope. Stamps are expensive in Papua New Guinea, this will allow the recipient of your letter to buy stamps to write back to you.

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