Thursday, 30 July 2015

Insult me

I wanted to write a really funny rap for you this Friday.

It was going to be about the coffee machine at the roadhouse. I was thinking about rhyming 'a large cappuccino' with thafuckdotheyno. Or possibly "don't know lattes from elbows". 

But not today. 

I can't. 

I have too many feels about racism. 

Funny frothy rap about burnt milk was not sufficient fodder to quell my need for a cathartic, vitriolic explosion of words.

I'm still going to write a rap, because rap music and lyrics have become a largely accepted way for black musicians to vent their frustration. Let's say this is my attempt at standing shoulder to shoulder in support with everyone who has ever been belittled, abused, disregarded or overlooked because a white person didn't like the way they looked, acted, spoke or paid homage to their heritage.

You say you're true blue, you're Aussie through and through
But you think first people should just shut up and let you boo

You make my white skin crawl, with your racist drawl
But my fair skin ain't making me your complicit fool.

Peel off my privileged skin, watch me hand it in
See this happy traitor freed from her disgraceful kin

So insult me now, Abo-loving leftist cow?
Can't go back no place else, I'll stand and fight this, pow!

Your misspelt facebook trolling got me ROFL LOLing
How many Reclaim member likes is your dribble polling?

Why did you not get taught, to speak like you ought?
Did you mother, brother, sister grow up listening to News Corp?

Gonna take that power back, see my country live more black,
Hell I wanna see a spear dance, haka, tango in my christmas sack

So Goodes you just play hard, let us deal with the 'tards
Coz I know I ain't the only whitey handing out red cards

Share and like this rhyme, if you got the time,
If we let the racists win it's a freaking national crime

We used to be so great, now I'm screaming, mate
Stand with us, be the biggest, don't let Australia rhyme with hate.

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