Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I Will Do It Myself

How I feel when I descend in to mind numbing google searching for the perfect job

I have a confession to make:

Sometimes I come home from work and start looking for another job online.

Right now, my life is ok, but it's far from what I want it to be.

 - My job pays ok, but not great.

- The impact I have on people's lives is largely limited to the time they spend in my store.

- The amount of time I have to do things I am passionate about is carved out of the time I am not at work.

Ho hum.

I am not ok with ho hum.

Recently I have come to realise that I can either hope to find the perfect job to fix my ho hum life problem short term (read: previous life strategy) or I can start doing things that will get me to my ideal life faster without needing to change my job straight away.

One of my problems is that I am not well connected to other people who share my passion for sustainability. I sit out in the sticks and google, hoping that somehow I will meet these wonderful people by sitting at home and wishing. Bad strategy Nicole.

Better strategy is starting my own MeetUp group for the kind of people I want to meet - sustainability professionals in Brisbane. Please please come if that is you.

Another problem I have is the lack of mentoring I get at work. Granted, my contract does not state: "you shall receive mentoring from the sustainability god on a weekly basis." This does not mean that I do not desperately WANT mentoring from the sustainability god on a weekly basis. I could whinge and continue to pester said god via email until he caves in or blocks me, OR I can go out and do cool projects (with his permission) in my own time and then come back and tell him all about how successful they were while gently reminding him again that I want his job.
A graphic representation of the number of emails I have sent the sustainability god this year

Tomorrow I am going to tour a polymer (plastic) recycling plant and hopefully arrange for them to collect the plastic waste from my shopping centre. I figured rather than wait around for someone else to fix the problem, I would present a solution they can't say no to. And meet some cool polymer people in the process.

Yay for pro-active strategies!

Expect a gushing post on how amazing polymer recycling machines are tomorrow. Complete with photo library.

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