Monday, 5 May 2014

You sexy f*cking book you

You know when you meet someone and you just want to consume them whole?

Like - get in me.


That is the feeling I have for the book I am reading right now.

I want it in my brain and once it is in my brain entirely I know I will surely explode out of sheer ecstasy.

Kind of like sex done right.

By far this book is the best intellectual stimulation I have had in a long time. Every few pages - whoa - I need to reach for the nearest writing implement and underline a paragraph. I haven't done that since I was at university.

I'm so wrapped up in this book that I haven't even told you it's name.

The book is called "The Half Life of Facts" by Samuel Arbesman.

Now the last time I gushed over a book on my blog, I was only a chapter or two in and I had thought I had struck gold. Mere pages later I found myself wondering how things went so wrong so fast, and we parted ways long before I could even think about reviewing it for someone else.

This one is different my friends. There will be a review. It's a serious case of not-put-down-able.

The reason I come to have a love affair with a new non-fiction book is a good story in itself.

Let me tell you how we met.


Right now I need to get my eyeballs all over Chapter 7.

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