Saturday, 12 April 2014

Part 2: After - Peace, drugs and knee reconstructions

Oh geeze.

On Thursday night I got in a few last boogies on the dance floor with my munted knee, before Friday dawned with the operation in tow. It wasn't pretty to watch, but I danced for all the times I'm not going to be dancing in the next 3 or 4 months. I drank, I stayed up late, I crashed at my friend's house.  All in the name of capturing as much fun as possible before hobbledness set back in.

The operation itself apparently went fine. My hamstring was 'harvested' and shaped in to a new ACL for me so I can eventually walk without a wobble. The anaesthetic though, woo, is it weird stuff. I have only ever been under once before and immediately after waking up, I started dialling people. I don't usually drink and dial but I do love a chat when I'm only half conscious. Quinn, if you are reading this, I'm so glad you called! I can't remember a word we said, but it made me happy to garble at you down the phone :)

Peace, drugs and knee reconstructions
Mystery lump of meat
I'm at home now, after a much less fun night of staying up late in hospital. Already Mum and I are tackling my physio exercises. So far the hard drugs haven't really been needed, but I have them on stand by...oh yes.

Thanks for all the well wishes folks, they made me smile and feel a bit more connected to the world outside the ward.

Expect more blog posts now that I'm less mobile.

Peace out.

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