Sunday, 20 April 2014

Jumping up and down on one leg quite tricky.

Especially when the leg you aren't jumping on is in a dirty great big brace.

Looks something like this:

 \    l  /

Do people even draw those anymore?

Well, luckily the jumping up and down I am doing is metaphorical or I would need another knee reco.

Why am I metaphorically jumping up and down on one leg? Because apart from the fact that I like to keep my metaphors as close to reality as possible (and as we all know two legged jumping is quite impossible for me at the moment) one legged jumping is by far more challenging and less coordinated, much like my campaign to get other women to write application letters to Tony for the Minister for Women job.

As much as I love the internet (and I do interwebs, you are just ace) I kinda get the feeling that getting in contact with famous people was a whole lot easier when telephone books were still regarded as tomes of information rather than shrink wrapped door stops delivered annually. You could even call information and they would give you someones details, as long as you asked nicely.

These days, there is Twitter. There is Facebook. There is LinkedIn. There are several official and unofficial websites with dodgy email addresses for just about anybody who has ever been in a commercial. The worst part is, there is no way of knowing if the person you are trying to contact is behind any of those cyber doors at all. There might be a public relations agent busy filing all the incoming requests in to the "Nah" pile, but cracking a genuine response seems to be akin to wishing for the Pope to become a Protestant.

Which is why I was bowled over to get what I am fairly certain was a human generated response from a station I contacted last night. I am easily over excited, so I won't get too far in to it, but wow, you mean someone read my long form email? And REPLIED?

May I just say, to all those who are Public Relations agents, ha! I got one! Also, may I now humbly beg for your assistance. Andy Warhol may have been the prophet, the interwebs may be the medium through which his prophecy is fulfilling itself, but god damn this viral thing is not as easy as filming your baby brother doing something dumb if your message has a coherent structure.

Here's to my leg getting better at lightning speed so I may jump up and down on two legs sooner.

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